SPECIAL REPORT: Smartphones in Schools

Currently, school policies around the use of electronic devices during school hours vary widely. Technology does have a role to play in the classroom, but this needs to be facilitated. Personal mobile phones, on the other hand, are proving to be a distraction for students in terms of their access to social media sites, as well as potentially being a source of bullying activities.

There is a growing concern around this issue, and schools also have a legal duty of care to keep students safe and provide them with a secure environment in which to learn.

Not only is distraction and a lack of sleep a big issue relating to mobile phone use, but there is also the threat of online predators and cyberbullying. Research shows that one in four children, under the age of 12, are being stalked, harassed or abused.

The challenge is to help young people find a balance and learn to manage their school work, have a social life and get the good parts out of technology. Mobile phones are changing our young people's behaviour in ways that could not have been predicted.


If you would like to read the report detailing the review into the non-educational use of mobile devices in NSW schools. Please click here


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