SPECIAL REPORT: Year 12 Exam Stress

Supporting your teenager through their final school exams can be extremely daunting for parents. However, maintaining a calm household will ensure your child has the best chance of success.

To perform at their best, students will need regular and adequate sleep, a healthy diet, daily exercise and regular reassurance from parents that their success in life does not depend on their final mark. Many students will experience high levels of anxiety and depression during this time, so it is important that their mental health is looked after as well as their physical health.

Students should do plenty of practice exams, focussing on questions they don’t understand and always getting feedback from teachers. Parents should try not worry if they feel their child isn’t studying enough. Sometimes students need to experience the consequences of their choices as they do not have the maturity to associate effort with outcome. Getting a bad mark will not be the end of the world, but more of an inconvenience.

If you have a student doing their final year how would you rate their stress level?
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